Affiliate Program

Sell With Us

Do you want to be part of the fastest growing equestrian empire on social media? Help promote The Steady Net™ and receive some tasty kick backs of commission!
Our affiliate program is perfect for any well connected horse fanatic who is passionate about promoting horse health and hungry to earn passive income on the side. We built our affiliate program with you in mind!
With ZERO down payment investment and all marketing material provided, you can be up and selling across social platforms in a matter of minutes!


OKAY! Cut to the chase. How does it work?



Once signed up you will get a back end passage to our website where you will have full access to all of our marketing content (picture, videos ect..) but most importantly, a website link that is truly unique to you! 



Taking full advantage of all our creative content you can go push and sell The Steady Net™ to your hearts content. When somebody clicks your link then proceeds to purchase we will pay you! 


With un-capped commission and endless content to push you could be part of a growing empire promoting horse health and well being, while getting paid a WHOPPING 12.5% of commission from every customer you generate!



We pay out almost instantly through Paypal or bank transfer 

Feeling a bit lost or confused? Just drop us a quick email. We reply to every email personally.